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Whether you are driven by a need to modernize, gain a competitive advantage, or overcome a frustrating operational blocker, we are able to craft the best solution that will help your business grow.

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To scale your business and meetever-evolving market demands

We create powerful digital solutions that promote significant change with a strategic vision, leveraging the deep subject experience of our software developers.

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360° Approach

We cover the entire lifecycle of enterprise application design, integration, and management through our unique approach, from ideation to delivery and ongoing support.

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We are able to maintain a highly customized approach, develop a lasting partnership, and concentrate on the current tasks thanks to Intellifer's emporium format.

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Domain Expertise

We have extensive knowledge of specialized technologies, from solution architecture to firefighting projects, as well as exceptional domain expertise.

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Fast product rollout, quick customization, and seamless delivery are made possible by high level expertise and a variety of solutions accelerators. You benefit from quicker market entry and lower development costs as a result.

Services Offered

Software Development Services

We offer tailor-made software development services for startups, medium-sized companies, and large enterprises, from dedicated teams to custom software development.

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Digital Transformation

Intellifer's Digital Transformation solutions may assist businesses in identifying gaps in their strategy and investing in the finest open technologies, providing crucial insights to drive digital strategy. Our digital transformation experts create the optimal DX framework by knowing your operational models and connecting them with industry best practices. We improve the client experience by utilizing appropriate digital transformation technology.

  • + Digitization
  • + Digitalization
  • + Digital Transformation Consulting
  • + Digital Transformation Strategy
  • + Digital Transformation Implementation
  • + Legacy Modernization
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Internet of Things #Industry 4.0

Intellifer's Internet of Things service helps enterprises to translate business demands into competitive differentiators by offering unique IoT-powered solutions. We offer full IoT services to our clients, ranging from integrating the proper sensors and obtaining creative insights to selecting the best-fit platform. We empower organizations to:

  • + Live remote monitoring & troubleshooting
  • + Decision Support & Data Analytics
  • + Edge Computing
  • + Digital Twin
  • + Pluggable Cloud Services
  • + Third-party Integration
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Real time Location & Tracking System

Gain a competitive advantage with location solutions that not only automatically detect the position of your assets and inventories, but also assist enhance employee safety and optimise your production line, allowing you to increase productivity, boost efficiency, and expand your business. Intellifer provides you with actionable information to help you enhance your business's performance.

  • + RFID - HF, LF, Active a& Passive
  • + BLE - Bluetooth Low Energy
  • + UWB - Ultrawide Band
  • + GPS - Global Positoning System
  • + Wi-Fi - Wireless Fidility
  • + Camera - Vision Analysis
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Product Engineering

Intellifer's human-centered digital product engineering strategy, along with the greatest industry skills and experience, assists you in developing products that empower users, offer economic value, and have a societal effect. Our team is skilled at developing, designing, prototyping, and delivering new digital products.

  • + Product Engineering and Development
  • + Enterprise Mobility Development
  • + Blockchain Engineering
  • + Legacy Application Modernization
  • + Digital Experience Design
  • + Performance Engineering and Testing
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Artifical Intelligence
Machine Learning

Automate and grow your business with cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions. The usage of AI and machine learning technologies at the micro and macro levels is quickly growing. We are a prominent artificial intelligence development firm that helps alter sectors such as healthcare, finance, eCommerce, education, social services, and others.

  • + Machine Learning
  • + Natural Language Processing
  • + Computer Vision
  • + Data Capture & Processing
  • + Mathematical Modelling
  • + Data Mining and BI Analytics
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Web & Mobile

We provide unique mobile and online software solutions that provide rich digital experiences on the web and on mobile devices. Our app developers create cross-platform apps that incorporate artificial intelligence into their basic functionality. Our online and mobile application development services provide consumers with a transformational digital experience.

  • + Web & Mobile App Development Services
  • + Progressive Web App Development
  • + E-commerce Web App Development
  • + Windows App Development
  • + Native & Hybrid Mobile App Development
  • + Wearables and Embedded Software
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Enterprise Business

With our 8+ years of expertise in Enterprise Software Development Services, We have produced 50+ Enterprise software for diverse sectors such as Fintech, Healthcare, Logistics, and more. You can always count on our team of specialists if you need an enterprise software development business to produce custom solution to combine current software with a new one.

  • + Enterprise Software Development
  • + Enterprise Application Integration
  • + Digital Transformation Service
  • + Legacy Application Migration
  • + Business Intelligence
  • + Enterprise Mobility

With almost eight years of experience in the field, Intellifer is the ideal choice for your company's needs because we are skilled at managing software development projects of all levels of complexity.

Why should you choose Intellifer?

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We use agile project management approaches, which encourage cooperation and guarantee prompt delivery. This comprises a committed customer relationship manager, regular demo meetings, and status reports.

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Our expertise can assist you make sure your software development complies with the most recent security standards because security is a crucial component of software development and deployment.

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Your software is constructed on a foundation known as software architecture. Whether your project calls for monolithic apps or microservices, our expertise can assist you in creating the ideal software architecture.

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We recognize how crucial speed and performance are to your applications. To handle high traffic and load, our professionals will ensure that it has been performance tested and tweaked.

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We are aware of how essential a database is to your software's success. Your applications' supporting databases will be designed, built, and deployed with the aid of our DBAs.

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In order to offer the greatest knowledge possible, we make significant investments in training. As a result, all of the major programming languages and frameworks are thoroughly understood by our experts.

Development Approach

Software Development Methodologies

Business transformation and migration to new digital platforms are assisted by Intellifer. We assist you in implementing new technology to enhance customer service, operational excellence, and business operations. We are experts in data science, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and the development of mobile apps.

We create cutting-edge IoT solutions that can link a physical thing to the online environment. Numerous industries, including manufacturing, transportation, supply chains, logistics, retail, and healthcare, benefit from these solutions.

You may change your organization into a highly effective, potent, and streamlined enterprise by using Intellifer RTLS for exact tracking. Your productivity, cost-effectiveness, and safety would all increase by using Intellifer's specialized hardware and software.

A firm grasp of business and technology is necessary for product development. Software product development services seek to create distinctive, adaptable software solutions for medium-sized businesses to large corporations.

The capacity to create specialized software solutions is Intellifer Software's main competitive advantage. We are able to provide you an entire custom software solution that is made specifically for you as a result.

Development of blockchain software has moved from testing to wide-scale usage. We have experience creating decentralised applications on the Ethereum Blockchain. Additionally, our developers are knowledgeable with Truffle, Ganache, Web3.js, Solidity, and Metamask.

Create cutting-edge solutions utilizing AI technologies, such as chatbots, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and machine learning.

To assist you in creating solutions from the ground up, we provide machine learning services. We have assisted numerous companies in adopting AI and ML. Our software developers and data scientists have a wealth of experience creating machine learning applications using cutting-edge tools like TensorFlow, PyTorch, and Scikit-Learn.

Need business process automation? With the aid of our expertise in software development, we assist companies in automating their essential business activities.

Utilizing cutting-edge tools like Angular, React, and Vue, we create websites. Custom web app development, responsive design, eCommerce-ready storefronts & content management systems, and more are some of the services we offer.

Our offshore software development facilities can help you increase your development capacity. It enables companies to take advantage of offshore outsourcing's cost effectiveness. We need seasoned software engineers with knowledge of a variety of technologies and industries to work in our development centers.

We provide full-cycle services to help you create the optimal SharePoint solution that powers employees’ activities and facilitates business processes.

Our team of skilled software engineers can create unique, feature-rich, cross-platform apps that work on any device. We are experts in Flutter, Xamarin, React Native, and Ionic.

To help improve your company's cyber security, we provide specialist security software development services. We offer threat modelling, penetration testing, architectural assessments, and safe development among other things.

For the purpose of solving challenging data science problems, we combine business and technology. To address business issues, we employ machine learning, predictive analytics, data mining, statistical modelling, and other techniques.

Businesses can acquire insights for making data-driven business decisions with the help of Intellifer's software solutions for business intelligence. You can get assistance from our BI specialists with reporting, dashboarding, and data visualization.

To aid in the migration of your companies to new platforms and technologies, we provide software re-engineering services. Existing software programmes can be updated, improved, and modernised through the process of software re-engineering.

Outsourcing software enables companies to save time and money. They can also accomplish their objectives by utilizing more cost-effective labor, agile development methods, and higher quality standards.

We can assist you in creating specialised solutions for your business using our considerable system integration experience. You can link many software programmes and data sources through system integration.

To undertake B2B or B2C sales, Intellifer assists firms in setting up online stores. We can assist you with designing and developing e-commerce web apps that are supported by technologies like Angular, React, Node.js, RESTful APIs, etc. thanks to our considerable experience in eCommerce Software Development.

Are you seeking for software for enterprise resource planning? We can assist you in developing an ERP solution that satisfies your business requirements and is consistent with the goals of your company.

We create CRM solutions that are tailored to your company's needs. You may manage customer interactions, lead management, sales leads, marketing initiatives, and more with the aid of these CRM tools.

The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of offshore software development are combined with the proximity of our development centers thanks to our nearshore software development strategy.

Our technology consulting helps companies plan and strategize their IT requirements. We provide experience in a variety of fields, including data science, business intelligence, mobile apps, and software development. Our committed teams of professionals assist you in utilizing the most recent technology and delivering outcomes more quickly.

Software Development Methodologies

At Intellifer, we utilize the agile software development process.Both the waterfall and Agile techniques are commonplace on our teams. We pride ourselves on providing solutions that go above and beyond customer expectations while being receptive to their specific demands.


Agile project management refers to the ability to adjust to shifting customer demands and economic situations. It aids in exceeding client expectations.


The most popular agile framework is scrum. It is founded on gradual and iterative development. Cross-functional, self-organizing teams work well together to develop solutions and needs.


This approach emphasizes waste reduction and ongoing development. It makes ensuring that a solution contains just the necessary functionalities. Its objective is to produce maximum value with the least amount of work and time.

Extreme Programming

In circumstances with high-risk difficulties and novel technologies that are constantly changing and evolving, the Extreme Programming approach yields the greatest outcomes.


DevOps aims to automate the method through which software providers provide their customers with solutions. The time to market and overall development cycle are thereby shortened for the firm.

Rapid Development

The fundamental components of rapid application development include compartmentalization, constant progress tracking, iterative designs, and quick fixes.


Kanban is a straightforward yet effective idea that arranges work into a visible workflow. It is based on the Lean philosophy of reducing work-in-progress to assist in minimizing delays, boosting productivity, and enhancing quality.


To design products with outstanding interactivity, a fantastic interface, and a seamless user experience, the prototype approach stresses user input and participation.


The waterfall software development process is better suited for large projects that need substantial upfront preparation. Projects adhere to a sequential lifecycle rather than developing and releasing software in a series of brief, iterative sprints.

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Optimal Pricing Model for Your Project

You pay the price established by a contract.
Best for: Feasibility study, PoC, small software development projects with clear and stable requirements.

You pay for hours or efforts reported per month (under the stated upper limit in case of T&M with a cap).
Best for: advisory activities (business analysis, architecture design, project planning, etc.), agile software development, evolution/modernization of existing software.

You pay for the volume of incidents we resolve monthly.
Best for: L1, L2 software support.

You pay an hourly rate for software support activities.
Best for: L3 software support (in-code defect fixes, functional changes).

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