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The US/China-based manufacturer is focused on consumer IoT electronics manufacturing and exporting. Their products are sold throughout the Globe with their Manufacturing Division at China and Marketing and Sales Division at US.


The company needed an in-house solution for their sales reporting and analytics to make smarter, faster decisions for the business, and needed two different reporting solutions for these parties to best accommodate their needs and help them increase performance. The company questioned the accuracy of its sales data metrics but lacked the ability to validate the issue. The company’s sales force needed a “one-stop shop” for their sales reporting and analytics


Intellifer aided the organization by directing a BI deployment that allowed it to consume, process, store, and report on sales and competition data. Intellifer Systems created a system that consolidated all of the company's sales data, including product, market, field/territory, and customer data. It also enabled the organization to create dynamic data sets that used real-time data to present an overview of market trends. Intellifer conducted a process study while building the solution to better understand the present reporting solution and map out the required solution for the firm moving ahead. Intellifer developed an all-inclusive dashboard for the company that contained critical KPIs for the company’s sales representatives. The dashboard solution allows users to see not only aggregated sales numbers, but also detailed product sales records. The dashboard solution combined data from over 6 different disparate reports into a “one stop shop” that provided the sales force with all the key pieces of information to do their job.


By integrating this analytics system, the organization brought competitive and sales data reporting in-house, reduced expenses, and improved reporting and analytical accuracy. As the organization implements this new system, its sales reporting expenses are expected to be cut by 50 to 70%. They may now examine raw data on their own, respond more swiftly to changes in market patterns, and do root cause analysis to discover those market movements. The organization was able to lessen the risk associated with delayed responses to changes in their markets by getting faster access to their data with the new solution.

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